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Creativity On Display

You may have known UrbanWalls offers a wholesale program. You may have even known that our decals can make corners of your shop look dreamy….But what you may not have realized is that you can custom order decals to design your very own storefront window.

That’s right, our decals work on glass. Did we just blow your minds?!

The LYNNsteven Boutique in Gastown, Vancouver teamed up with our designers to create this 100% original look for their window displays. The hand-drawn feel of each leaf, snowflake, and tree gives pedestrians a little splash of whimsical wintery magic as they pass the store. And let’s be real, passerbys won’t be just be passing by anymore once they peak at that frosted glass! 

One of the greatest perks of using UrbanWalls decals in your window display is that they are easily removed. That means when winter is (finally) over, the gals over at LYNNsteven can swap out their winter display for a little springtime magic.

The possibilities are truly endless. If you can dream it, we can design it.