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Nutty For Acorn Decals

New decal arrivals for us mean new design inspiration for you! Can you imagine? The rich scent of a pine forest, seeds blowing in the wind, late afternoon sunlight peeking through the leaves…The great outdoors is calling and we must decorate! With our new Acorn decal pack you can squirrel away woodland design with every acorn, pinecone, and fern.

This decal pack is oh-so- fun because it comes not only with acorn decals, but a pinecone, a fern, and two different types of seed sprigs. As per usual, all the decals in our packs are freestanding, so you can space and arrange to your tastes.

For example, take this nursery by lifestyle blogger Monika Hibbs. Instead of spacing the decals evenly through one feature wall (wallpaper style), Monika opted to trail them across the entire nursery as a garland. It’s the cutest effect! Not to mention if makes us feel a little bit like Pocahontas when she was painting with all the colours of the wind. And now you have that song stuck in your head. You’re welcome.

As cute as a woodland themed nursery is, these Acorn decals aren’t limited to kids’ rooms. Great in rustic living rooms, mud rooms, or any other space that strikes your fancy—the forest canopy’s the limit for your creativity! And don’t forget—our decals are easily removed with no damage to your walls or surfaces, making a woodland themed birthday party with all your forest friends a cinch!

Do you love our new Acorn decal pack? We’d love to hear how and where you’d use it!