Q: How many decals will fit my wall?

A: The sky is the limit. Well, to be fair, the ceiling is probably the limit. But how many decals will fit in a specific space totally depends on your vision for spacing and placing them. Your best (and safest) bet would be to plot your design using a measuring tape and pencil to ensure you’re ordering the correct number of decals.

Q: How do I measure my wall for wallpaper & murals?

A: Take a peek at our handy wallpaper calculator cheat sheet! DOWNLOAD HERE

Q: Do the decals work on textured walls?

A: It depends on the type of texture. However, since every textured wall is different, we cannot guarantee the decals will stick properly. But there’s good news! We’re more than happy to send a sample decal to test on your wall. To give it a test drive, please contact info@uwdecals.com with your shipping address.

Installation Disclaimer

When purchasing our products, please make sure to read all installation instructions carefully. We cannot be held responsible for application errors and want your project to turn out perfectly! In addition to printed instructions, we also have how to videos available for you to view, with helpful tips and tricks.

Q: My shipment has been damaged in transit, what should I do?

A: We are so sorry to hear that! Fortunately, the vinyl decal is super resilient. Unless the decal itself has been ripped or torn, it will still adorn your walls as lovely as you imagined. But if you attempt to apply it to the wall and realize it has been damaged in shipping, please contact us so we can help you find a solution.

Q: Do we accept exchanges and returns? 

A: We do accept returns! However, there is a 25% restocking fee determined by the cost of your decals and each customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Returns must be made within the 45 day return period, once a return has been approved.

Q: I've just painted my walls—how long should I wait to install my decals?

A: Go you! You are a decorating master. As hard as this may be for a checklist queen like yourself, we suggest allowing 30 days before decal application on a freshly painted wall. The paint needs to curate before the decals are applied. The last thing you want is for a decal to curate with your paint, thus damaging the wall when you eventually decide to swap ‘em out for a fresh look.

Q: Can decals be re-used? 

A: Our decals are meant for one-time application. However, our decals can be removed easily with absolutely no damage to your walls. Besides, we both know you’re going to want to try new decals anyway!

Q: Will using the decals cause damage to my walls?

A: No way! All of our decals are made from a material that is meant for indoor use and are easy to apply and remove. Good news for those of us that get a little design ADD.

Q: I live in Vancouver. Can I pick my order up to save on shipping?

A: Yes! We now offer local pick-up from our Langley warehouse to save on shipping costs. Please email info@uwdecals.com before placing your order to arrange pick up time. We’re looking forward to meeting you!