As a customer, you may have come into contact with a few members of the Urbanwalls team. But, you may not have had the opportunity to meet all of the amazing minds that make up our company…and you definitely haven’t heard how they like their coffee. So, we thought some introductions were in order!


Danielle Hardy | Co-Founder & Creative Director

Introduction: Married to Paul, Mama to Mattias, Maxim, and Isla—all of whom I love fiercely. We live in Langley but chase the sun every chance we get! Hobbies include being a taxi cab driver to my children, Pinterest-perusing, and spending copious amounts of time bringing decals to a wall near you.

Where will we find you at 5:00?: Looking in the fridge wondering what we are going to eat for dinner. 

How do you take your coffee?: Vanilla latte, whilst shoving a chocolate croissant in my mouth.

Facebook or Instagram?: Instagram, always Instagram (@hardydanielle).


Paul Hardy | Co-Founder/Marketing Director

Introduction: Married to Danielle, Papa to three.Avid hockey player, snowboarder, and surfer. 

Where will we find you at 5:00?: Driving at least one of my boys to hockey practice…probably receiving a text from Danielle to pick food up on the way home.

How do you take your coffee?: Latte—extra hot, extra foam.

Facebook or Instagram?: What is Facebook? (@hardyboy)


Tammie Gauer | Production Assistant

Introduction: Hello everyone! I’m Tammie, my husband is Adam, and together we have three kids (Brielle- 10, Aiden- 8, & Mila- 5). My hobbies include shopping—on Pinterest. My Pinterest closet is a lot more exciting than my actual closet…that may be my only hobby, actually. I'm a mom of three, who has time for hobbies?

Where will we find you at 5:00?: At 5 o'clock you'll find me putting dinner on the table. I can't relax until dinner is done, so I make it as early as possible.

How do you take your coffee?: Two, maybe three creams, and one sugar. Creamy and a little bit sweet.

Facebook or Instagram?: Instagram (@tammiegauer).


Leah Davidson | Production Assistant

Introduction: Hi, my name is Leah! I’m married to my high school sweetheart John and we have three daughters who keep us very busy. A little more about me? I love Disneyland, pastries, and Americanos.

Where will we find you at 5:00?: Probably making dinner for my family or heading to go get take out :) 

How do you take your coffee?: I love my coffee creamy with a little sugar.

Facebook or Instagram?: Definitely Instagram (@leahlulu11).

Mary Clare Wilkie | Creative Director 

Introduction: Originally from Toronto, I have a love of all things creative. Trained as a graphic designer, I am also an illustrator. Now proud to call Vancouver home, in my downtime you can find me exploring my new city with my husband and our fur-baby Tulip. 

Where will we find you at 5:00?: 
Most likely still working, haha! But in an ideal world, walking Kitsilano Beach with the dog. (@tiny.tulip)

How do you take your coffee?: Cappuccino, with a sprinkle of cinnamon! 

Facebook or Instagram?: 
Instagram!...Does Facebook still exist?...Just kidding (@maryclarewilkie)


Kait Olson | Customer Service

Introduction: I’m a wife, mother, woodworker, and the owner of Thimble and Pine—a rustic and eclectic shop of custom-made items.

Where will we find you at 5:00?: Either at my workshop or at White Rock East Beach with my family.

How do you take your coffee?: With a splash of milk and a tiny amount of agave syrup.

Facebook or Instagram?: Instagram.




Coleen York | Copywriter and Editor

Introduction: I'm a semi-nomadic copywriter (originally from Ohio) who writes for fun as well as for business. Having spent a large amount of time in California working on projects, I'm probably now over-confident in my driving abilities. I enjoy being outside, nerd movies, traveling, hiking, art, good food, and bad jokes.

Where will we find you at 5:00?:
At 5 o'clock you'll usually find me taking a walk. Preferably near the beach, woods, or somewhere else lovely.

How do you take your coffee?:
Black—which makes me sound like a coffee snob, but really it's just laziness. If you cut me I'd probably bleed cheap 7/11 coffee.

Facebook or Instagram?: Instagram(@coleenyork).




Kristie Trenholme | Graphic Designer 

 Hi there! My name is Kristie and am one of the newest additions to the team. My favourite part about design is developing concepts! I'm so excited to be working with such creative people and beautifully made designs! 

Where will we find you at 5:00?: Most likely at a coffee shop with a friend. I always seem to migrate to Starbucks after work and end up meeting up for a coffee date! 

How do you take your coffee?:
I wish I liked my coffee black...would sound so much cooler then lots of sugar. Typically I'd be more happy with a chai tea latte, with a scoop of vanilla bean.

Facebook or Instagram?: Instagram! Definitely. (@kristietrenholme)



Kim Verstraeten | Production Superstar

 Hey everyone!! I'm a nursing student who works here (and is loving it)! So that is pretty much my entire life, if I am being honest. Other than that I really like to laugh and have fun, because why not?  I am a pretty simple person. Food, people, sports, shoes and a couple other things but maybe those are things you learn next time we meet. 

Where will we find you at 5:00?: Probably in my bed dreaming of Disneyland trying to muster up the energy to have a social life.

How do you take your coffee?:
 Hot, really hot, with a little cream but preferably egg nog. yummmmmm.

Facebook or Instagram?: All about the gram. (@KimVerstraeten)


Madi | Production Superstar

 Hey there! I’m Madi. I’m a Visual Arts student and poetry geek. When I’m not at work or school, I’m usually doing volunteer work. I’m a hardcore introvert, taking great pleasure in the quiet moments and the moments that I find time to create new things. I love sunflowers, Diet Coke, jewel tones, and bold lipstick colours. I’m also a “casual” Sci-fi enthusiast. Just had to sneak that in. 

Where will we find you at 5:00?: Probably taking a quiet moment in bed, either dreaming of the next adventure, tattoo, or project I’m going to work on next...or binge-watching Star Trek or X Files for the umpteenth time. But, most likely I’m doing whatever I can to avoid my homework. 

How do you take your coffee?:
 In latte form, usually. Or steeped for 3-5 minutes in almost boiling water with a little sugar. Oh wait, that’s tea. I love tea.

Facebook or Instagram?:  I guess Instagram, but I have a love/hate relationship with it.



Halli | Production Superstar

 Hello! My name is Halli! A few of my favorite things include: books, movies, rainy days, and of course naps. As you can see, my skin is so pale because I don't go anywhere. Although, I'm hoping that will change because I've always wanted to one day travel the world! 

Where will we find you at 5:00?: Probably curled up somewhere, reading a good book with a cup of tea!

How do you take your coffee?: If I'm in the coffee mood, I like lots of sugar and cream, but I'm most content with an Earl Grey tea double double :)

Facebook or Instagram?:   Instagram, for sure! (@hallinicolee)